Main Architecture Components
Application Layer

Stream API, Proxima DB API

SDK Layer

Libraries for creating, storing and deploying stream processes

P2P Orchestration Layer
  • Private network to spin up instances of stream processors
  • Manage stream subscription and consumption
  • Manage data requests, and updates to proxima db
  • Scale horizontally with use (kubernetes)
Network Node incentive Layer

Types of Nodes: Stream Processors, Data Nodes

On-chain/datasource bridge layer
Binance ChainBinance Chain
Orchestration LayerOrchestration LayerProxima uses private networks to deploy and update stream processes. These can be consumed by any user, so long as they maintain privacy. Orchestration and load-balancing of requests to deployments between nodes is done using Kubernetes.

Data can be consumed through datasources, and published to streams.
Proxima Node Network IncentivesProxima Node Network IncentivesNodes are rewarded by providing resources and services to the network.